Frugal Wedding Cakes: Saving Money Without Losing Taste

bullet imagebullet imageWeddings can be very expensive. The national average for a wedding ceremony and reception is over $25,000. Too many people feel they need to spend a lot of money in order to get the look they desire. That's not always the case. When it comes to wedding cakes Burlington, there are many ways to save money, while still being able to serve the cake of your dreams.

Know the Guest List

Wedding cakes are priced per slice. Kelly SXO has a starting wedding cake package, which increases in price as more servings are added. The easiest way to save money on the cake is by knowing how many people are attending the wedding. Don't order a cake until the invitation replies have been counted. This will prevent excess cake from being ordered. Do make sure, however, to order a few additional slices, since some guests may show up without notice.

Consider the Design

Bakeries charge more for complex cakes. While multi-tiered wedding cakes are beautiful, the best bakery Burlington will add an additional fee for every tier that is ordered. Tall cakes are not only more challenging to create, but they also take more skill to transport to the venue. Consider ordering a smaller tiered cake, along with a less expensive sheet cake. Sheet cakes are easier to bake, and Best Bakery in Burlington they can be decorated to coordinate with any design.

Try a Different Option

While traditional wedding cakes consist of multiple layers and butter cream frosting, there is no reason everyone has to follow the same model. Those looking to save money on the reception should consider different alternatives. Cupcakes, for example, have become increasingly popular for weddings. They are easy to serve - no utensils are needed. Plus, they can be baked in a variety of flavors. Cupcakes are also a good choice for those looking to provide dessert options for guests with special dietary restrictions. The best part is that cupcakes cost a fraction of the price of a traditional wedding cake.

When it comes time to order a wedding cake, be sure to know your budget before the first tasting. The best bakery Burlington can help any bride-to-be choose the right cake for their celebration. It's simple to cut costs by knowing how many people will be attending, choosing a simple design, or by trying an alternative to a traditional wedding cake. The best tasting wedding cakes are those that don't break the bank to bake.